Caja Toolbar Tutorial: Would Links To My Existing Articles OFFEND, or Be Welcome?

Hi. I have recently made a bunch of Caja-related tutorials for my blog - including for 20 different buttons you can add to the toolbar - and would like to share them with the community. Now, besides the fact it would take a lot of time and effort to turn them into individual guides, which I wouldn't have time to do for quite a while, it would either mean flooding the Tutorials section with a bunch of guides all related to the Caja toolbar, or turn it into one monstrously-long tutorial that would be daunting to sift through.

So I was thinking of making one page here that's basically an index of all the buttons, with a pic and link to each guide, like the one I did for the blog:

This way, it's all in one page, and people can easily find the buttons they're interested in adding. But, as you can tell from the heading of my question, I am afraid that this might offend some people. I know posting links in answers to questions is fine, but seeing that the tutorials in that section are complete guides, and having been in the Linux world for over 15 years, I've seen cries of horror and indignation for the silliest of things (and a lot of "I know you're trying to help, but you're not helping enough!!"). So I'm just worried that instead of looking at the fact I'm trying to help others in my new community (I only converted to MATE in Dec, after installing Caja in Nov), some might cry foul that I didn't spend days crafting the info into guides, like on my blog (which I spent a whole day finishing yesterday, and now have other matters to attend to).

So I'd like to see what you guys think: would this compromise be acceptable? It wouldn't take me a huge amount of time to create the index page like in the picture above, so I could share this info sooner rather than later, and people would find it easy to navigate. I look forward to your responses.

(PS: To address any concerns those links may soon be dead, my blog has been going for 12 years, so unless WordPress suddenly disappears, it's not going anywhere! And the links to previous articles have never changed, so the links for the Caja toolbar hacks will still be active for years to come)


I know posting links in answers to questions is fine

It's really not. Linking to other sites puts the value of the thread completely at the mercy of that unrelated site, which may (read: "unquestionably will") at some point decide to reorganize itself, leaving the referring site with a dead link and thus a worthless thread.

That said, it's obviously better than nothing, even if only in the short term. So, go for it. :slight_smile:


True, the links can become dead if the site vanishes, or they delete that page (or change the URL), and I've indeed come across that a few times! That said, I've found a lot of answers that way. While the site/page with the actual answer was not listed in Google, the page with the link was, so I was able to get to the info. The first time I ever came to this forum was actually because of an "answer" here, which was a link to another forum's page which wasn't listed in Google.

And in regards to my suggestion of an index page with links to my blog articles, that blog has been active for 12 years, so don't worry, it's not going anywhere! (Unless WordPress goes belly-up, but I don't see that happening any time soon)

Please feel free to provide to the link to your blog articles.


Also please provide some feedback on Github about


Having your hacks implemented upstream would be better than local patching by local per-user hacks.

Sure - glad to help. Is there anything in particular you'd like me to say, or just a basic "I second this" to get them to notice the request?

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Probably some technical details will be useful. Which files to edit and so on.

OK... BUT I'm guessing the developers already know this (I'd be entirely surprised if they didn't!), and are just being like the Gnome devs and not listening. And I see now that you've put some links to my articles there - and for the accels issue, I'd just be posting the link to my article on that, since it summarises the entire issue, and the "fix" to it (if you can call killing Caja every 3 seconds a "fix"). So I doubt it's the technical info they need - just a reason to actually listen. But I'll add my voice to those tomorrow (been a LONG day, and now I'm in the kitchen all night!). Cheers

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Hi all. OK, I waited a few days, and since no-one has voiced opposition, and a few people kave left Likes, I've created the Caja Toolbar Guide, which you can check out via the link. Cheers.

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Hi again. Sorry about the delay, but I finally got around to it (when I said I'd do it "tomorrow" I should have said "when I have free time", because I've been spending most of that pickling and fermenting! That time of year... and I also wanted to complete that toolbar tutorial index page here first, so I could add the link there [and that took over an hour to do today, believe it or not!]). Also, in regards to your awesome pro-activeness when it comes to feature requests at GitHub, you should think about finding a way to get users here to help. Not sure if you can have "sticky pages" in this forum, but if you can, it would be great to have one for all your feature requests, which you can update with links, and then people can go to GitHub to help get them noticed - even a quick upvote/thumbs-up might help in that regard, but if people leave comments, that definitely should get the attention of the devs. Cheers


basically you mean that its possible to add functions Form >menubar>menuitem to >toolbar?am very confused with this wall of Text.

Sorry, but I'm actually confused as to what you're asking. As you can see from the initial post and the pictures under it, it is about adding extra buttons to the toolbar.