Can I simply upgrade to 16.04 LTS from 16.04 beta?

As per title.

I have just installed the latest 16.04 beta and it is running very nicely.

Can I unproblematically upgrade from this beta edition to the LTS when it comes out later this month? Or, given that it is actually the same edition (just the beta version), will it automatically update/upgrade by itself?

I don’t think there’s an upgrade path from a beta or daily release to the final version. If you keep up with updates and upgrades on a daily basis until the formal release you will have the “released version”.
I believe the current collective wisdom is to do a fresh install sometime after the official release [April 21]. If you prefer you may keep up with periodic update and keep the released version current for 5 years.



I didn’t quite follow that. Are you saying my my beta simply becomes the LTS as a consequence of normal housekeeping on the system?

Pfeiffep is spot on :slight_smile:

However in your case of a fresh install, I would just keep it updated and let it transform to the final release.

I will do a fresh install on mine because its been kicked around for the past 5 months and in need of it. But yours is fresh and only a couple week away from being the final.


Thanks v3xx. I wasn’t 100% sure, but that’s what I thought I could do.

I agree with @anon42388993 - if your 16 beta install is in the partition you desire then there’s really no need for a fresh install. In my case my 2 UM 16 installs are in test partitions that don’t have enough space for long term use so I’ll be installing UM 16 LTS in the partitions which now house Ubuntu 14 LTS.


Cheers pfeiffep. Yes, it is a brand new install with the latest beta on it’s own final destination, full-drive-dedicated partition. So, I’ll just let it do its thing…:slight_smile:


Mine will be fun too :slight_smile: I have two HDDs (1TB) that are going to be wiped and replaced with a proper partitioning scheme. For over a year now, I just been throwing things around.

My backup plan needs to be simplified. I went a little nuts with rsync and symlinks; I need to dummy it down.

I also want to install a few other ISOs. Clonezilla for one, I don't use it very often but when I do, my CD is always dated (by about two years now).

Soon for me, everything will be Mate 16o4 and I will do future version testing in virtual machines. This should keep me happy for the next 2/4 years.

Or that's what I hope. With team wimpy always coming up with something new, its hard to say.

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I would do a fresh install using the tried & trusted "Something else method", but this is only because I'm nuts!. :smiley:


I’ll also do a fresh install i started with alpha i and have kept this updated.I’ve installed alot i don’t use or need to be honest just to try and break it and other than a few minor bugs i have not had a problem seems every bug is fixed at the next update.From what I’ve seen so far 16.04 MATE is going to be a great system.