Cannot enter boot and have to restart several time

Hello everyone…
I have a problem when try to boot. It’s said drm:intel_cpu_fifo_underrun_irq_handler. I have to restart several time to have a normal boot. Can someone help?

Thanks for reply :slightly_smiling:

See my answer here and do the same:

my computer is selected “using processor microcode firmware for intel cpus from intel-microcode (proprietary)” so what should i do?

and how to run dpkg, i don’t understand. please explain thank you. :slightly_smiling:

Boot your PC and select the 2nd option "Advanced options for Ubuntu and then the option Recovery mode:

From the menu, select “Network” first and then “Dpkg”. (A NETWORK CABLE CONNECTION IS REQUIRED FOR THIS TO WORK)

After running DPKG, restart your PC with Ctrl + Alt + Del, do not click on resume because there might have been updates for your graphics card and a restart is the smart thing to do!.

i already follow your tips. Entering recovery menu and run dpkg. Hope there’s no problem after this procedure. Thanks a lot for your helping tips wolfman. :slightly_smiling:

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No problem @indodwi, post back if you still have problems!. :smiley:

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After several hour my laptop crash. Cannot boot and goes to initramfs. After several hard turn off by releasing the battery. My laptop can boot to Ubuntu mate again. But sometimes freeze. I think my Toshiba laptop cannot work smoothly with Linux. I just try many distro, still have same problems. Some forum said that Toshiba use insyde h2o bios that doesn’t support Linux very well. Any idea to solved this problem? I’m little bit frustrated because this situation.

How did you do your install, using a live CD or a USB stick?. If you used a disk, did you burn the disk at the slowest possible speed and if you used a USB stick, did you fully format the USB drive?.

See the beginners guide which may also help you:

Try using 14.04 like I suggested here in your other thread:

Okay, I’ll download 14.04 and try to install it. Hope is okay. Thanks

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Looks like I used Ubuntu-Mate on another laptop. I love Ubuntu-Mate, so I’ll use it on my Acer Laptop. My Toshiba is hank and restart several times when using Ubuntu-Mate. I’m not trying to install 14.04 because I’m already gave up. Thanks for your answer wolfman. Sorry to disturbing your time.

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Not a problem my friend, all the best. :smiley: