Canon Pixma MG3620 on UM 20.04

I have installed drivers per: < Printer driver installation for MG3250> This post is from 2015.

These drivers are for MG3200 series. My printer is MG3260

Printer continues to show that ink is low: color is low, black is empty. Ink cartridges were just replaced. I am unable to print.

Is there a software remedy for this?

Please see -

Good luck Dog87.

Edit: By the way, to find the Canon support page, I used this term:

ubuntu: pixma mg3620 driver

which returned more than a few good hits. I chose the Canon site because it would be the first place anyone would look.

Thanks very much for your help and your patience.

Noob that I am, I did not notice in the printer properties that the "enable" box was not ticked. It is ticked now, and the test page shows that CUPS+gutenprint worked with this printer. (I have no idea how that box became un-ticked. I don't go to printer properties often.)

Also, FYI, the Canon page you provided does not provide a link to linux drivers. The page detected that my OS is "Linux 64bit". When the driver button is pressed, the page gives this message "There is no driver for the OS Version you selected. The driver may be included in your OS or you may not need a driver."

So glad that it was a simple fix.

Grateful for your time.

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I should have looked a bit deeper - you are correct on the driver business. I'm glad you found the simple fix. Thanks for reporting back Dog87. None of us were born knowing this stuff.

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