Canon scanner not detected

I have just bought a new Canon LiDE 400 Desktop Flatbed Scanner and like every body else, it is not recognized, it starts when plugged in but that is all, like every body else i have installed the scangearmp2-3.70-1-deb, i have gcann2pdf and Simple scan installed.
Can any body tell me which stand alone scanner will work with ubuntu mate, if any ??

I have found that VueScan, a product from, allows me to use usb-connected scanners easily. There is a one-time fee and it is not open-source, but the company is quite small and the support is quite good. By the way, I believe that the difficulty with scanners is not unique to UM.

Good luck with what ever direction you choose.

Hello Gege,

As astrogenealogist says - VueScan:

Buy once, use for life. It is not FLOSS, but this Father-and-Son team render a great service. :slightly_smiling_face:

My Canon scanner is not listed in VueScan and i too would rather give the $80 to the UM developers to benefit all.

Sane may support your scanner. At least it seems to be listed as such.

Can't say with certainty. I use an Epson Perfection 2450 Photo which works.

Hello Gege

Did you miss these webpages:

[1] []

[2] []

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

mdd12, thanks for your info, yes the scanner is listed and i have tried all options and programs with no success. A pity, because i used tell people that i could do any thing in UM that they could do in their windoz PC's, now i will have watch what i say.

alpinejohn, thanks, i looked at all the mention vuescan sites, but as a pensioner paying that much to do the odd scan is not worth it
Thanks for all the help, every body.
Windoz will have a win.