Canon scanner not detected

I have just bought a new Canon LiDE 400 Desktop Flatbed Scanner and like every body else, it is not recognized, it starts when plugged in but that is all, like every body else i have installed the scangearmp2-3.70-1-deb, i have gcann2pdf and Simple scan installed.
Can any body tell me which stand alone scanner will work with ubuntu mate, if any ??

I have found that VueScan, a product from, allows me to use usb-connected scanners easily. There is a one-time fee and it is not open-source, but the company is quite small and the support is quite good. By the way, I believe that the difficulty with scanners is not unique to UM.

Good luck with what ever direction you choose.

Hello Gege,

As astrogenealogist says - VueScan:

Buy once, use for life. It is not FLOSS, but this Father-and-Son team render a great service. :slightly_smiling_face:

My Canon scanner is not listed in VueScan and i too would rather give the $80 to the UM developers to benefit all.

Sane may support your scanner. At least it seems to be listed as such.

Can't say with certainty. I use an Epson Perfection 2450 Photo which works.

Hello Gege

Did you miss these webpages:

[1] []

[2] []

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

mdd12, thanks for your info, yes the scanner is listed and i have tried all options and programs with no success. A pity, because i used tell people that i could do any thing in UM that they could do in their windoz PC's, now i will have watch what i say.

alpinejohn, thanks, i looked at all the mention vuescan sites, but as a pensioner paying that much to do the odd scan is not worth it
Thanks for all the help, every body.
Windoz will have a win.

Hi Gege Dont know if this kink my help there is always some one out there to help i hope good luck

I posted a similar question about an HP Envy. There was a single line that got me out of that bind on 18.04 that was lost on the 22.04 update. Can't find it and was tearing my (few strands of remaining) hair out. Finally found that the HP Android app reached the scanner. Sending every scan up to Google Drive. then back down again is a semi pain, but it provides me with an instand backup copy. Maybe Cannon has a similar app.