Change my login screen background?

I want to change the background for my login screen for 18.04.

I tried to change my login screen background via modifying /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/ubuntu.css but that file does not exist.

I found nothing using Appearance either.

Can the background be changed?

18.04 includes the tool you are looking for. Please see screenshot -


I used it but it does not work.

It retained the same purple login screen.

Mine works. Changed the background to a locally stored wallpaper, logged out and there was my new background. Logged back in just fine. Good luck on this fixit7.

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I found it required a reboot to work.

I have used various versions of Mate on and off from 19.10, 20.04, and now 20.10 - when I would click on right mouse button on the desktop, I would get the option to change the background. I have loaded images to that file location from and others too. Not sure if this can work for you since I have not used 18.04. Hope you can figure it out. :v:

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All of our machines seem to vary. Glad to hear that your situation has improved fixit7. Keep warm.


Mate's login screen is green? How did you get a purple login screen?

Because he's propbably using Ubuntu since he was searching in /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/ubuntu.css, Ubuntu MATE doesn't have gnome-shell.....

I have no idea, but the problem is solved.

The tool "Login Window" doesn't exist in control center of Ubuntu-MATE v22.10 at the time of writting this reply.

You can refer to:
I think the latter include the easiest way.