Compiz vs. Google Chrome

Using: Ubuntu Mate 16.04, updated to current
Google Chrome v50.0.2661.75 (64-bit) (current)
NVIDIA driver 340.96 (from the repositories)

I noticed that, when one unticks “Use system title bar and borders”, Chrome allows you to save ~24 pixels at the top of your screen by not displaying the customary title bar, but nothing happens when one left-clicks or right-clicks the desktop. No context menu on a right click. No activation of desktop icons on a left click. (The Mate panels work fine; it just affects the desktop.)

When one “turns back on” the system title bar and borders, the ability to left-click and right-click on the desktop comes back.

Has anyone else noticed this, and found a solution?

Hi @eco2geek ,

nvidia-340 might be the reason?, try looking in the Additional Drivers Tool and look for the latest Nvidia drivers, that might help?:

Thanks for your reply. Since I “need” that proprietary driver for my graphics card, let’s try an experiment.

I am now running the latest daily build of Ubuntu MATE from a USB key, using the (open source) “nouveau” driver. I installed Google Chrome and its behavior is exactly the same. So it doesn’t appear to be the video driver.

I’m not sure, it may be theme related, try a different theme and see if it has any adverse effect on the system?. :smiley:

If you are using Compiz, this might help?: