Compton autostart

I been trying to get ‘compton’ to autostart, all to no avail.

Noticed that it may be available in future, reading this thread: I’m using xenial.

I also when to the following threads and tried there solution:
Here: Eliminate screen tearing!
and here: Transparent menu in Ubuntu Mate

Any solution here? Also will integration of compton be in xenial?


Assuming you have already installed Compton.

Go to Mate Tweak and make sure you have Marco as the windows manager and also make sure compositing is unchecked.

Go to System/Preferences/Personal/Startup Applications

Click on the "add" button

As above, type what you want in the "name" field and then type exactly:

compton -c -m 0.8

in the "command" field

Then click the "add" button to complete.

Then close the Startup Applications dialog box.

Then log out and back in

You should find Compton will have loaded

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Note that the “-c -m 0.8” options are optional, you can simply start compton without args. The options can be defined in a ~/.config/compton.conf file and will likely be overridden by anything you specify in the command.

Yes, I should have made clear this was the case. To clarify, the -c applies a slight shadowing to the menus and panels and the -m 0.8 applies a slight transparency to the menus. That is to say, the opacity is set to 80%. You could, of course, decrease the menu opacity by decreasing the decimal value.

For my own part, I have found the conf file to be a bit flaky. Hence my preference to put the arguments directly in the command.