Compton - how disable fade effect?

Using Mate 17.10…I like using Compton for no screen-tearing. Problem is, when using Mate Tweak to enable it, it also adds a fade effect, which I find annoying. I would like to disable the fade effect.

I see that I can use my own compton.conf file, and that in that file I can specify no fade effect, but I don’t want to create the whole thing from scratch. I’d basically like to take the configuration that Mate Tweak uses by default, and simply disable the fading effects.

In the running processes, I do see that compton is running, and I can read the command line output. I thought I could simply copy that, but I don’t see a way to copy the command using the system monitor.

Any suggestions?

The fading bugged me, too, so after 17.10 came out I figured it out.

MATE Tweak doesn’t use a Compton config file, it just calls all the options in one long command line in the script it uses, which is /usr/bin/marco-compton. The fading it controlled by the lines with --fading and --fade-....

You could edit that file directly, but since it’s a script being called in your path, if you put a copy in your ~/bin that local version will be used instead. Here’s what to do:

mkdir -p ~/bin # Create ~/bin if it doesn't exist yet
cp /usr/bin/marco-compton ~/bin
pluma ~/bin/marco-compton

Remove the fading/fade- lines, save the file and then log out and log back in or use MATE Tweak to switch to a different wm option (Marco without Compton is fine) and back to Marco with Compton.

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Thank you!

I found I also had to comment out the following lines to get the desired look:

-r 10 -o 0.225 -l -12 -t -12 \
-c -C -G \

Without commenting those out, I got a huge shadow around the synapse window, as well as a transparent border around the main menu items.

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