Copy + paste to MATE Terminal?

How to copy and past to MATE Terminal? The traditional CTRL + C/CTRL + V method goes nowhere.

highlight the text, right click, copy ... go to another terminal, right click, paste.

or copy = ctrl shift c, paste = ctrl shift v if you don't have gui.

As @pavlos_kairis said, the keystroke to copy from the terminal is CTRL + SHIFT + C, and the keystroke to paste into the terminal is CTRL + SHIFT + V.

If you wondered about the history of those unusual shortcuts, they were chosen because traditionally the conventional keyboard shortcuts (CTRL + C / CTRL + V) were already used in the terminal: CTRL + C cancels most operations in the terminal, while CTRL + V is for inserting special characters.

Nevertheless, if you don't need those extra features, though the following is ill-advised (you may find yourself having to kill a program using CTRL + C someday), you can:

  1. In the Terminal menu bar, go to Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts.
  2. In the window that pops up, these should be a list of actions and their current keyboard shortcuts. Navigate to the action called "Copy". Double-click on the shortcut next to the Copy action. Type CTRL + C (or whatever you want the shortcut to be).
  3. Repeat step 2 for the Paste action.