Copy to, Move to, how to have Browse button also in this selection?

When right click on a file on desktop under Copy to & Move to is it possible to add a Browse button easily?
The selection given within these two existing buttons is Home & Desktop. Having a Browse button here would be very useful. This does exist in other Distros but not Ubuntu-Mate unfortunately.

Ubuntu-mate is a great DE for me, easy to use & logical for my brain too.

If someone could point me in the direction of how to do this I would be immensely grateful.


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Hi @Rotkopf,

I don't think its possible.
But i agree that its a great improvement ! :slight_smile:

I'm a bit confused with a purpose of suggested 'browse' button.
Are not 'open/open with' menu choices sufficient?


HI ugnvs,

If you choose a file, right click it, scroll to Copy to or Move to, open the drop down you'll see the options of Home & Desktop. A browse button here would be very useful. If you check other distro you'll see it there. I believe this to be missing in Ubuntu-mate.


Oh, I see. Thank you for the explanation!

Hi there is a close method in



The workaround puts the feature in right click scripts as per image.

Note works great, brings up a browser window, possible downside is it doesn't question on overwriting an existing file in location chosen but does what I need very well.