Could someone do set these things up for me?

Hello, this is getting too complicated for me and i don’t have that much time to fully understand all of this. Therefore, i was thinking that maybe some kind person here could help me set up these things on my newly installed Ubuntu Mate:

Automatic connection to a VPN server
Automatic reconnection to the VPN server if the connection drops
Block internet access (except for the vpn server) if the VPN connection drops
Wifi Hotspot so my computer shares its connection to my portable devices

Your help is VERY appreciated :smiley:

Your link was a NordVPN link but no one can set it up for you, but this has been addressed in this post:

Read through it and see if you can get some benefit from some of the content discussed. Good luck.

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In that post I supplied you the link for you can see that I successfully made a link to connect to one of the Nord VPN servers. If you followed the previous instructions 1-6 you can look at the following screenshots to see if you can duplicate what I did. Click on your network icon at the top of your screen (or wherever you have it, mine is on the top right) and then click on "edit connections" then "add" then "create". I will pick it up with step 7:

Now click "Advanced" and.........

Now "Save", "OK" or whatever and you should have your auto connect.

Wow thanks a lot for your quick response man! Do you know if there is auto-reconnection in OpenVPN?

I am still on the learning curve like you, but for myself, I have found that when one of the Nord servers disconnects, or has a problem, my regular service kicks back in. If I want to reconnect, just click either the same auto connect button that I created, or a different one that I created. You can create many. There is probably a bash script that would try it automatically, but I have not gotten to the point yet where I can do that.

Hi @mrjoeyman

I get stuck on screenshot # 2 ; i do use TCP443 instead of UDP1194,either dont know what to type in Gateway or where to get CA Certificate ... and the ''save'' option dont give me the option to click ... i guess will give that option until all the whole process is done ???
Almost all the time i will use double vpn :
Lithuania - Latvia #1
Sweden Tor #1 (if @wizd3m can help me to install it with the right commands )

Hope to get this solved as soon as possible cause all this process is giving me headaches ...

In the Nord VPN how to create connections via network manager they suggest to select PPTP but you did not ?

And MSCHAP /MSCHAPv2 options and MPPE


Or i dont need them or apply just for Windows OS ???

P: s I did find this VPN provider and did talk with then for few hours,their VPN is amazing but it is pricey $$$ ...

Ok i have followed your tutorial mfjoeyman but my PC won’t automatically connect to the vpn i have setup…

Hello @tinynja98

As far as i know,you will need to do everything manual,i did ask and did try but they say it wont connect automatically ;did try and either did it.

Oh hey i figured it out! To make the VPN connect automatically just go in the connection you use to get internet (for example your wired connection), go in the General tab, tick “Automatically connect to VPN when using this connection” and select your VPN you just setup previously. Hope it works for you too :slight_smile: