Create a users help documentation

Here I was thinking how much work would we need to create a users guide like Gnome has?

To the best of my knowledge Mate stills lacks one, right?
And as far as I know, this is one element that almost everyone here could contribute to.

Possibly might have some information that may give you a start:
Think it is in menu but in my system have removed at some point the entry for it but here is link:
Edit: forgot also the F1 key


This is great!

I think we could expand on that, and even include tutorials.

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The Ubuntu MATE Guide is also in the Accessories menu.


Not there you are correct it was there but checked and kinda remember removing it in 18.04 not sure why at this point. Have it back from this post:
Thank you for information. :smiley:
Just looked closer and had added it back to Accessories after finding post and now looking closer it is also in Graphics. Delete in Graphics and it deletes the one in Accessories. Tried a couple of more times with same result. Think that was reason for getting rid of it in first place. Yes could just uncheck it in Graphics but mind says no. Just going to leave out as no way going to waste any time troubleshooting as have it as a bookmark anyway.

You might look at these books. (Transparency: I am the author of both the Ubuntu MATE Guide and the books. ) Books | Ubuntu MATE