Custom directories in Open files

Would it be possible to provide a function for Open files (don't know exactly what is the correct name for this application, maybe Caja) that a user can add to the left menu own directories?

Let's say I am contributing images to Facebook one by one and every time, I should jump through the directory tree to the directory, where the files are located, which is annoying. Of course, I can copy files from a specific directory to the Pictures directory to have it in two clicks, but if it were possible to reach from custom directories, it would be easier.

Somebody recommended me to use Recent, but files are in Recent just with certain operations, not always. So this is neither way.

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if you are looking to add directories to left hand window column in Caja, just browse to the folder and hit CTRL+D this will create a bookmark. Right click and rename what you like


you can edit the file ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs and add your own dirs.


Cool, so easy! I didn't know about this feature.