Customize Slick Greeter in 17.10

Is there anyway to customize the Slick Greeter in 17.10. I’d like to change things like the login screen wallpaper, pointer, time format, etc. but I am not seeing any way to do this like you could in 17.04.


I’m wondering the same. I know for a fact that it’s available on 16.04 (just checked on my Raspberry Pi).

Hopefully they’ll bring it back.

Maybe I shouldn’t reply to this without first installing UM 17.10… Anyway it seems LightDM now uses “Slick Greeter” instead of “GTK+ Greeter”. That’s why the GTK+ Greeter settings are gone.

My own opinion is “no settings - no joy” so I would prefer the GTK+ Greeter or that the Cinnamon Slick Greeter settings are ported to MATE.

Edit: The source code for the Slick Greeter settings is here:

You have to create a configuration file:


I made the one below, specifying another existing background, theme, and icon-theme to keep it simple.


Probably more is possible.


Thank you thank you thank you! That worked perfectly.

I was able to find the following, if it helps anyone out:

# LightDM GTK+ Configuration
# Available configuration options listed below.
# background=Background file to use, either an image path or a color (e.g. #772953)
# background-color=Background color (e.g. #772953), set before wallpaper is seen
# draw-user-backgrounds=Whether to draw user backgrounds (true or false)
# draw-grid=Whether to draw an overlay grid (true or false)
# show-hostname=Whether to show the hostname in the menubar (true or false)
# show-power=Whether to show the power indicator in the menubar (true or false)
# show-a11y=Whether to show the accessibility options in the menubar (true or false)
# show-keyboard=Whether to show the keyboard indicator in the menubar (true or false)
# show-clock=Whether to show the clock in the menubar (true or false)
# show-quit=Whether to show the quit menu in the menubar (true or false)
# logo=Logo file to use
# other-monitors-logo=Logo file to use for other monitors
# theme-name=GTK+ theme to use
# icon-theme-name=Icon theme to use
# font-name=Font to use
# xft-antialias=Whether to antialias Xft fonts (true or false)
# xft-dpi=Resolution for Xft in dots per inch
# xft-hintstyle=What degree of hinting to use (hintnone/hintslight/hintmedium/hintfull)
# xft-rgba=Type of subpixel antialiasing (none/rgb/bgr/vrgb/vbgr)
# onscreen-keyboard=Whether to enable the onscreen keyboard (true or false)
# high-contrast=Whether to use a high contrast theme (true or false)
# screen-reader=Whether to enable the screen reader (true or false)
# play-ready-sound=A sound file to play when the greeter is ready
# hidden-users=List of usernames that are hidden until a special key combination is hit
# group-filter=List of groups that users must be part of to be shown (empty list shows all users)
# enable-hidpi=Whether to enable HiDPI support (on/off/auto)

Thank you! This worked for me too!