Delete "da_DK" on Transifex

I would like the danish Ubuntu MATE Welcome translation on Transifex to only use “da” language code.

Right now the there is both “da” and “da_DK”.
I have just copied all the translations from “da_DK” to “da” so if anyone can deleted the “da_DK” that would be nice.

Thanks, it has been deleted. There is now just one Danish (da).


Can you delete the “da_DK” team also please.
It seems like people can be a member of a team that does not exists.

Unfortunately I don’t see any option to delete the team. :confused:

Seems the Organization Administrator can do that.

So who is that?

Most likely… :bellhop: :bellhop: @Wimpy :wave:

Busy man - there’s some translation teams that have obsolete languages, e.g. da_DK and de_DE. Please may you remove them when you’ve got a few spare moments?