Desktop icons keep rearranging


Everytime I boot up, my desktop icons are rearranged.

How can I stop that ?


That’s not normal. Can you provide a more specific description of how they are being rearranged?


I figured it was not normal.

I saw another post about the same problem.

They all pile up on the left side of screen.

It did it again without a reboot ?


What version of Ubuntu-Mate?


What does your tweak look like? Some of the layouts work better than others, especially in earlier versions.


I have a custom layout.

If I use another layout, will I lose the ability to go back to my layout?


My version is 18.04.


Hit the “Save as” button under the Panels tab so you can go back to your custom layout before trying any fixes.


I have rebooted several times, and the icons are staying put.

Guess it was one of those anomalies. :slight_smile:



If you right click on desktop, there are two options named Keep aligned and Organize desktop by name

Maybe they’ve got something to do with this?


Thanksm I have tried both.


I found a thread on this forum here. You can check it out…