Desktop recording

Hey everyone,

I wanted to record some stuff on the ubuntu-MATE minecraft server. Maybe do some cribs episodes and show off some of the other stuff the community is building.

So my question is, I need a good screen recording app, and then somthing I can insert text into the video with… I could talk, but my mic is only the one built into my laptop…so maybe some text would be better. I would also like to add background music.

Any input would be great…


You can record minecraft with OBS.

  1. How to make high quality local recordings

I will return to the server, when work allows :smile:

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No worries…I am only there occasionally due to work and family myself.

simplescreenrecorder (Simple Screen Recorder) is pretty hard to beat for most desktop recording purposes ( I recently used it to create a couple of screencasts that I put up on YouTube, one of which can be seen here: I’ve also used SCR quite a bit to record music with visualization added via the Totem player (which works out great, BTW).

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Simplescreenrecorder is ideal if you want to record your desktop. But OBS shines when you want to record games, like Minecraft or others. It has the same quality as proprietary software like Fraps, Dxtory and more.

+1 to the SimpleScreenRecorder, although I haven’t used OBS to see how it compares. SSR can record OpenGL windows and can give smooth results if the frame rate matches with the game’s actual one (eg. 30 fps recording = 30 fps game) plus choosing the right container.

For the editing, I personally use OpenShot (1.4.3), although it does tend to crash a lot.

I assume it has extra features that are more applicable to the OP’s situation. Gotcha. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the info guys… trying SimpleScreenRecorder and OpenShot…will see how it goes.