Desktop wallpapers for anyone who wants a copy


That’s a beautiful sunset/sunrise. Where is it?


Its on a Beach in Denmark


Here is another one


And one more


I just made one more.


Hey @stevecook172001, Where did you get the resources for the textured metal ubuntu mate wallpapers.


pm me with your email and I will send you a copy of the gimp file with the textured metal in green. It is then a simple matter of desaturating the colour and re-colorising in any colour you want


Wow! Who says artists only use elementary OS? Seriously, these are fantastic.


really great wallpapers


Just wanted to contribute some images for the desktop wallpapers. Thanks for the cool distro that gave some of my old hardware new life. EDIT: I'm a photographer, and all the background images are my work. I release these six images under the CC-BY-SA license to ubuntu MATE.


Really like those a lot


Hi @jmarkus,

ditto what Steve said + I really like the colours!. :smiley:


Definitivamente los mejores que he visto.