Desktop wallpapers for anyone who wants a copy


Here it is:

Closed Poll:Wallpaper Competition March 2015

Nice! :sunglasses:

Could you capitalise MATE please? If you’re happy to license it under CC-BY-SA I’ll include it in the Ubuntu MATE artwork package :smiley:


No problem Martin. I’ve edited and replaced the original. Also, please consider it yours to do with as you wish. The same goes for anyone else.

I should say, however, I got the initial abstract green background image from here:

I am assuming that background image is freely available to distribute as well as to download and use as an individual?


My first one made from start to finish by me. Thast is to say, no elements inported apart from Mate artwork.

A bit cheesy and a bit basic (I’ve only just started to properly learn Gimp today), but I am a sucker for a space scene!


Green Glass


Green Glass 2


slightly modified space scene


Thanks for creating these. I’ll start collecting the various contributions ready for packaging :smiley:


ubuntu materock


some more rock wallpapers


I’ll snag the Rock backgrounds and package them :smile: The space one is a bit similar to the original Ubuntu MATE backgrounds and I am not sure I can redistribute the assets you’ve based the other on.


no worries at all Martin. I’ve just done these background mainly for myself as a way of learning GIMP. But if you or anyone else want them, that’s great. Also, I should say, I’ve re-done the rock ones a bit better, I think. You decide, thougn, and take what you want. The glass ones, I should say, are all my own work with no imported imagery. But, they are a bit visually noisy, I have to admit.


Those are nice! Really nice! I’m digging the grey and the green one in particular.


Cheers E… :blush:


I also loved these…thanks


updated rock wallapeprs with new resolutions:


@stevecook172001 Thanks. All now updated in the official 15.04 archive :slight_smile:


Impressed with your work I am. Well done!


some textured metal ones:


Retro look