Disk space error /boot

I just install for the first time Ubuntu Mate 16.04.2 LTS on RP3 Mobel B.
When i want use the Software Updater, i’ve got a error : “Not enough free disk space on /boot”.
In my disk manager, i can see two partition. RPI_BOOT and RPI_ROOT. Boot have only 44 Mb free disk space and Root have full space of the disk, 11Gb.
I read this on Ubuntu Mate website :

Since Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 the root parition is automatically resized, to fully utilise the all available space on the microSD card, on first boot.

Ok but why the software updater want to use boot partition either than root partition ?
How i can extend my /boot partition or use /root partition to install software update.
Thanks you

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There’s a topic that has been discussing this issue:

It may be a bug with the Software Updater under Raspberry Pi / ARM, since it’s architecture for kernel updates is different, and this program thinks it needs more space but it actually doesn’t need /boot.

Some workarounds:

  • Update through the terminal with these commands:

      sudo apt update
      sudo apt upgrade

    There’s also this for updating the Raspberry Pi kernel, but use with caution.

      sudo rpi-update
  • Upgrade using Synaptic, a package manager.

  • Temporarily move out a large file in /boot like kernel.img, but you must move it back after updating with Software Updater, or you won’t be able to boot later.

      sudo mv /boot/kernel.img /tmp
      sudo update-manager
      sudo mv /tmp/kernel.img /boot

To actually extend the partition, you’ll need to put your micro-SD card into the computer, a utility like GParted (for Linux) can resize the partitions.

Best take a backup of the card before resizing, just in case.


Sorry for the duplicate.
Finally i found a way with Synaptic.
Thank you for your help.

Hi there

I have the same problem I can’t even update or upgrade anything once I install a fresh copy. I wish there a way for a user can make their own partition their own way just like windows how much partition to use and what not to use so if the program put out 64mb let me add more to it just to be on the safe side of having all the updates and upgrades I need to make my machine run right let us have that option to do that or there another way drop this ubuntu mate and go with another os that will allow us do what we want and need

Just saying.

Hello Baik, any chance you could guide through the process ?
I’m a bit stuck around here…