Display Scaling

Where is the display / UI scaling options?
MATE 19.04 looks fine in 4K and 1080P res, but I want to set 2K 120hz, which my laptop panel does support (works fine in raw Ubuntu and other distros), but the GUI is super small at that res.

In other distros I have tested, they have a Scale option right in the Display settings next to where u set the screen res.

How is MATE missing this?? Not even the fancy "MATE TWEAK" app has anything.

I found a few other threads that are YEARS old of folks asking the same question...that were never updated or resolved.

Have a look at top panel menu
System > Preferences > Look and feel > Appearance > Fonts tab > Details... button > DPI settings

An interface/controls scaling slider doesn't exist in MATE. :slightly_frowning_face: MATE Tweak does support switching between 1x (Regular) and 2x (HiDPI), but not fractional scaling like 1.5. This is because the underlying toolkit (GTK3) only supports full integers.

What @ugnvs describes will adjust the font DPI, an alternate to achieve a midway between 1x and 2x.