Duplicate window border for some applications in Mate

I have installed Mate recently on my Ubuntu LTS 20 Dell laptop, and have chosen the Cupertino theme in this.
While some windows seem fine when unmaximized, apps like files appear very odd because of the way their window borders appear.. They have two different close/minimize button panels, and both of them work on clicking. How do I set this right?

Hi there :slight_smile:
It's strange ...
Probably it's a bug. I would set a other layout back, reboot and set your layout again inside mate tweak :

Happens to me as well. Consistently in dconf-editor as shown below:

hmmm ...
Maybe something with env variables. Can you guys try opening same window with sudo to see the difference ?


I just want to confirm that @Utsuro and @Harsha_Vardhan are seeing this on 20.04 Ubuntu MATE.

I'm trying to replicate this but I cannot.

Oh sorry, I'm on Ubuntu MATE 20.10.

Hi @franksmcb,

I was able to repeatedly reproduce that on UM 20.10 in VirtualBox. This happens with apps using CSD, as was mentioned before. All you need is to force your app to start maximized, and then unmaximize it by pressing window button or grabbing headerbar and dragging. The easiest way to start the app maximized was to maximize app, close it while maximized and relaunch. The bug occurs with "Do not auto-maximize new windows" option both on and off.


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