Enabling Desktop Sharing

I'm trying to connect my workstation running UM 18.04 to a VM on a server also running UM 18.04 via remote desktop sharing.

I found an older post, which seems to address what I'm trying to do (but for UM 17.10) but, I can't seem to be able to find the Desktop Sharing preferences for the server (VM) side. I get to the command "vino-preferences" and am advised "command not found". So I'm obviously doing something wrong! I assume I'm issuing the sommand "vino-preferences" and a dialog box like the one below should come up? Instead I'm getting "command not found".

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Mate 17.10: desktop sharing ubuntu to ubuntu
Copied from the linked post .....

In the session of "user" on the server:


I can't help with your specific request because I have no direct experience.

But, I can report that I use X2Go for desktop sharing and it works like a charm. Very easy to use.


You can still install vino with sudo apt install vino

The X2Go option that stevecook172001mentioned is the recommended choice. It is available in the Software Boutique , it is also the method I use as well.


Well that was simple. X2Go it is! Thank you both