Evolution email client does not support RTL/BiDi Languages

Evolution has no native support for Right to Left direction languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian.
The only recommendation for composing an RTL email is to use an external editor.

The decision to make Evolution the default email client overlooked the usability for millions of users who need RTL functionality.

Do you know if BiDi support is planned for Evolution?
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You may have a better chance of getting support for native language added to Evolution by creating a an issue request on their GitLab issues page.

Good luck and I hope you can help them work on getting that added to Evolution.

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I have tracked BiDi support requests from Evolution developers since 2003.. Seems they don't consider it a priority.
I'm more concerned about Ubuntu-Mate decision to promote an application with no RTL support.
But maybe this is the wrong place to raise it.

Thank you anyway.

Sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with the Evolution developers.

You can read about the reasons the change was made here:

Thunderbird is available in the Software Boutique