Export highlighted text from PDF

Could you recommend any editor, which could highlight the text in PDF and export the highlighted text to the separate document?

For one, I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish. Are you wanting a PDF editor?

If you look at any PDF in the standard viewer, you can select/cut/paste text into other documents/editors using the clipboard, just like cutting/pasting anywhere else.

Fonts and formatting will not be preserved, but you asked about exporting text.

Alternately, you could extract the text with the standard command line pdftotext utility, which is in package poppler-utils (probably already present on your system).

$ man pdftotext

will get you the options to use it.


I open pdf's with LibreOffice Draw if I want to do things at a primal level. I recommend giving that a go and see if that meets your needs or gives you a work around.


I did some search for online converters, found this one to be the best.

It outputs the total .pfd to a text file. You will need to re-format some lines, but the entire text should be there.


Good suggestion.

I didn't even think about a pdf that had the text as an image such as from a scan.

For that kind of work I use gscan2pdf. It is in the Ubuntu repository and can be installed with:

sudo apt install gscan2pdf

It has a clunky interface and sometimes fails at oddly created pdf's but it's my first try when it comes to OCR work.

Just another option.

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