Eye of MATE doesnt rotate images

I have opened some images in Eye of MATE and rotated them. Then I clicked on the cross to close the application, and the pop-up window appeared notifying me if I want to save changes. So I click on yes, but then going to Caja, the images are not rotated. If I intend to open such an image in Gimp, a pop-up window asks, whether I want to rotate the image, pointing to EXIF information. But GIMP would rotate them from right position to wrong.

What am I doing wrong? Basically, I would expect that if I rotate an image in EoM, I will get in Caja turned.

I opened a file in eye of mate, rotated it 90 and Save As, a new name. Caja displays it rotated.

Tried the same but this time, just Save, it asked do you want to reload the image? I said yes, it overwrote the original image with the rotated and Caja displays it rotated.

All tested in um22.04

This way works for me also, but what I am doing is I open the first image, rotate it, go to the second image - rotate it, go to the third image - rotate it, etc. Then I click on X to close the window and pop-up window staying this appears: There are 6 images with unsaved changes. Save changes before closing? I click on Save, it proceeds, and then Eye closes itself. I go to Caja and the images are not rotated. If I reload the directory, it doesn't refresh rotated.

If there is a such pop-up message, I would expect Eye of Mate would rotate the images and it would be visible like in the cases you are mentioning above.

By the way, if I don't hit reload button in Eye of Mate as you describe Caja preview rotates anyway.

I tested on my system and the files get rotated.

Open an image in EOM, rotate image. Hit next button, get next image, rotate that image. Do it one more time. Click X to exit EOM, it gives me an option to save or discard. I choose save and the images get rotated. They show as rotated in Caja thumbnails and when opened in EOM they load as rotated.

U-MATE 22.04.1

Wierd doesn't work for me. What could be the problem?