Failed software update of 'Welcome' package - 'Requires installation of untrusted packages' UM 16.04

When I try to update software in UM 16.04 through the Software Boutique, I get the following message: “Requires installation of untrusted packages”. Clicking ‘ok’ does not lead to any actual download. What am I doing wrong?

When I click on System > Administration, I can see three entries relating to Software. This is very confusing: Software Boutique, Software Updates, Software & Updates. What is the difference between these and is there a need to keep them separate? Why not unify all of them under one window? When I click on ‘Software Updater’ no updates get installed. Each time a new window pops up: ‘Requires installation of untrusted packages’.

Did you notice which package was being updated?

I narrowed it down and updated all package except the ‘Welcome’ package which still produces the same message when attempting to update. I have also tried fixing broken packages through the Software Boutique. Is the problem related to the Software Updater or the ‘Welcome’ package? @wizd3m

It seems that one of the packages needs a new key. Did you install Virtualbox? Then it is correct you get this error when upgrading (either through Software Updater or manually).

This has already been reported and a fix is on the way.

I didn’t install Virtualbox. Strangely it updates correctly on my main machine, a Lenovo Thinkpad T460 (now with Version 16.10.0-xenial 1.1) but I still get the error message with no possibility to update the Welcome package on my older Lenovo Thinkpad X61 (with Version 16.04.9). So it seems not related to Virtualbox in my case.

VLC has the same issue:

W: Signature by key 8F0845FE77B16294429A79346BCA5E4DB84288D9 uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)

So better check all the other repos used by the Softwarte Boutique, just in case…

I don’t know whether or not this will fix the problem with 3rd party packages in Ubuntu Mate?, or even break the system?:


@Wimpy, @lah7 or any other devs?. :smiley:

The weak digest warning is a known issue and will not cause you problems. This is something VLC has to correct.

I’m still getting the same problem. My auto-update just did the same thing - just with the Welcome app.

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Try this:

It solved the welcome package problem on two of my machines.

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Seems to have worked on mine, too. Great job!

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