Faults/Bugs in the Basic OS

Hi everyone,

I am using MATE 16.04 on a ACER Travelmate B115, I have changed OS last year, really tired to use Microft Windows. Because I want something simple and reliable. I was first running UBERMIX but that did not work so well for some things, an experienced user recommended MATE, and I am relatively happy about, aprt from the fact that I could not resolve my bluetooth connectivity problem ( recognize devices, connects but does not playback) and now I have bugs in very basic usage. My main example is when opening 2 windows to transfer music files, after a short time, varying, the window freezes, (not responding) I have to click to close, force quit, and restart, again and again. This problem persists.
Also, when re activating my computer after sleep, the mouse arrow takes up to a minute or 2 to become active again. Feels like this is going down for me, with issues appearing little by little but surely.
Could someone help me and guide me to fix these issues, or maybe even install an OS more sustable for my Notebook?
Many thanks

Hi @ssunkev,

first take a look at the update guide, read through it and take any steps you feel you need to use and then get back to us!:

I haven’t been using mate all that long, or Linux for that matter, but my experience and understanding is that up until Ubuntu-Mate 17.10, bluetooth was kind of broken. I couldn’t ever get it to work on many distros until 17.10. I heard that they had done something like 1000 lines of code to fix it, which seems like a lot. That said, I would probably wait until 18.04 to do a new upgrade/install since it will be the next LTS and will have all the 17.10 code and more. Welcome to Mate. Stick in there it is a great desktop and seems to have a team that really cares.

Thank you very much, I would like to learn how to manage my MATE better, but I find myself falling short of time to read all the instruction and execute. Would upgrading to a newer version solve my problems faster?. When is the next LTS being released?
I had another case, I have formated a USB stick using MATE and then I could not use it because it was not detected or recognised as an external drive. I had to reformat it with a Windows computer to be able to use it again.

Thanks , that’s what I might do. I d love to have a computer that just runs smoothly, especially for basic stuff.
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Hi ssunkev,

pre-formatting your USB stick to FAT32 under Windows and using Rufus is one of the best ways to be certain your USB stick will work!:


Another option for you might be to read through the following which has lots of tips!. :smiley:

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