Feature Request: Privacy - Caja and folder history


Many users of MATE desktop including me have had some concerns with the Caja file manager saving the history of recently visited directories and displaying this list in the Go menu and also in the drop down arrow button to the right of Back button on the toolbar (as shown in attached image)

At present the history is erased after closing Caja but continues to track the history as long as it is open.

Many of us want to disable this recently visited directories history feature in Caja completely for the sake of privacy. Request the developers to look into it and make this an opt-in feature or provide a simple way to disable this.

Also, one of the users @danwilde has provided a workaround for disabling the Go menu history feature, which has been discussed in the following thread.


Sounds like a good question for @Wimpy

I second @kdmys’s Feature request.
And I’d also like for eom image viewer to have an option to not track last images in the “Image” menu.

Thanks for posting this feature request. @kdmys
I would be delighted to see new privacy features included in the MATE desktop environment.

@kdmys: I’ve created a feature request for this up on github.

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