Feature Request: Scrollbar On The Timezone/Day-Night World Map City List

A scrollbar on the list of cities of the Timezone/Day-Night Worldmap would be a great feature in MATE because once you add too many cities to the list, the worldmap simply slips away from the screen. See:

I can't see the whole map!!

A simple scrollbar would solve this problem and the worldmap would always be in the screen. The scrollbar would be located on the right side of the list of cities.

If this is a problem the user can solve by himself, please, let me know.

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I was debating whether to start a pull request for this feature when I stumbled across this page!

I actually implemented the feature myself and am looking forward to cleaning it up and showing you my fix ... and I'll provide a patch for the meantime while the pull request is pending.

(Sorry if I necro-posted -- I only just noticed this topic and it went straight down my alley.)

Well of course we can't see, because the top of the map is out of view! :smile:


The patch isn't perfect, but I think I've got something at least usable for you now!

The patch itself can be downloaded from: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thesquash/mate-patches/master/mate-panel-clock-applet-Make-list-of-cities-in-locations-drop-down-scrollable.patch.

I can't know for certain whether you already posess the knowledge necessary to compile the MATE Panel from source, but if you don't, then here's a quick guide (note: I learned my lesson the hard way from Number of recent documents):

  1. First, add the repositories for source packages to your /etc/apt/sources.list. Open that file as superuser. For each line that are not commented out (i.e., that don't start with the # character), if there is a line immediately subsequent to that line which starts with #deb-src, delete the pound sign to uncomment the line. Then save the file.
  2. Next, do a sudo apt update to refresh the package database.
  3. Next, install some essential tools and utilities by executing sudo apt install build-essential devscripts.
  4. Install all dependencies of the MATE Panel using sudo apt build-dep mate-panel.
  5. Get the actual MATE Panel source code using apt-get source mate-panel. Notice no sudo this time!
  6. Change directory into the source code location using: cd mate-panel-1.24.0.
  7. Apply my patch using: patch -p1 < [specify the full path towhere you downloaded my patch].
  8. Build the package using: debuild -us -uc -b.
  9. When the package is built, issue a final command to install the newly built package: sudo dpkg -i ../mate-panel_1.24.0-2_amd64.deb ../mate-panel-common_1.24.0-2_amd64.deb.
  10. Log out, log back in, and see if the scrollbar appears!

I want to add, that in my cast the last file name was mate-panel-common_1.24.0-2_amd64_all.deb