Finding a directory of a searched file

I was searching for a file (passport.jpg). I found it, but it is in a directory that is pretty far nested.
I am unable to find the directory because the properties (right click) window does not show the long file name with complete directories. It gets cut off.
The window cannot be resized.

Therefore, although I found my file, I cannot know where it is (easily).
This is a usability Bug.
I hope it can be fixed.

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You should file an issue on github.

Actually before doing that you should try and see if the same behavior is present in the latest version of caja for MATE 1.14

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How do I get the new caja. I am up to date most of the time… but I am only 1.12.7

I agree this is a usability bug. Definitely one to report unless it's already been addressed by the developers somewhere.

The alternate is to right click the file and select Open parent location.

MATE 1.14 (which includes Caja) hasn't been tested for 16.04 yet, keep an eye here: