Firefox does not save my Home Page preference


I have set four websites that I visit and use the most, to have their tabs opened when I start my browser
(Home Page > Use Current Pages) but Firefox does not save my Home Page preference and starts with a blank page. No problem with Google Chrome or Opera.

This Home Page issue in Firefox does not happen in Solus 3, MX 16.1. It also did not happen in my installation of Manjaro Xfce

This is a known bug affecting Yakkety and fixed in Zesty, workaround is here:

I am on 17.10 Beta 1, so it seems that this bug also affects Artful.

Ever since I have installed Ubuntu MATE I found myself barely using the two other distros that I have installed for testing/choosing and I boot into Windows 7 only when I want to copy file to my iPad, so I hope this annoying bug will be gone in the October 19 release of 17.10

Meanwhile I have created a “Home Page” folder in Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar with the four websites and I “Open All in Tabs” when I start Firefox.

Thank you.

I’ve just tried 17.10 Beta 1 with all available updates in a VM and encountered the same issue.

@Wimpy please make sure this regression gets fixed before 17.10 goes final,
it’s one of those small things that can be a big annoyance (plus the fix is extremely simple).

Well, I have this on 17.10 final release, so I guess it didn’t get fixed.
What should be done next?

Here is a fix:

Alt + F2 > gksudo caja > (enter password) File System > usr > lib > firefox > defaults > pref and only leave the following two files in the folder (channel-prefs.js & vendor-gre.js):

Change from this (delete "all-ubuntumate.js"):

to this:

This is for Ubuntu Mate 17.10 only!. :smiley:

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Thank you very much. I will try this later

This still applies to ubuntu mate 18.04. Thanks for the fix was driving my Father crazy