Ubuntu MATE always forces search start page in Firefox

I am huge fan of both Ubuntu Mate and Firefox, but rather frustrated with U-Mate
changing my e-mail ‘home-page’ to a ubuntu search page.
What do I have to GIVE UP?

"e-mail"? Are you really referring to Firefox here?
If you are ... normally there should be no "hijacking".
Under "Preferences => General => Home Page" enter whatever URL you'd like and it should stay that way unless you reset or change it.

Wish that was TRUE… I read my email via a comcast page…
that link is is at about:preferences but it gets changed to:
at least TWICE a day, for the past week.

What's an email homepage? Do you just mean your Firefox homepage which you wish to be set to to an email site?

Remove this package if it is installed.

TNX!!! I did notice that line, yesterday. I’ll delete it now and let you know.

I am sure you will have done this, but just in case:

I got that down to about 4 SECONDS… and am wondering IF solving this taking MORE time than
just changing it several times a day!!!

I actually still have this installed but it does not revert my homepage ever. It always stays the way I set it. Really strange...

The new start page is a fairly recent addition:

The page itself was intended to compliment the Ubuntu MATE user experience by re-branding Ubuntu's default home page.

  • Ubuntu's extension is the xul-ext-ubufox package.
  • The configuration that sets this home page are in the ubuntu-mate-default-settings package. Remove that package instead.

What you have discovered is a bug and was never intended to happen. Sorry about this spoiling Ubuntu MATE for you. :frowning:

I've reported it here:


Thanks… IT did it again, less than an hour AFTER I manually set it.

This must be only in the very latest updated image because my current installation is only about 2 weeks old and, as far as I am aware, this is not happening on my machine. But, you can be sure I will report it here if it happens.

On my current system installed from the original 16.03 image it does not happen - I will be installing another PC with the new 16.04.1 image next week, though - I’ll definitely check for that on the new install.

Hi all,

check your "Extensions & Plugins" list in FireFox, there may be something else in there that causes the problem?:

Why does not everyone experience this bug who updated to 16.04.1?
Also, which file in this package is responsible for this problem and would removing the package potentially break other things?

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It does affect everyone. The launchpad bug (above) has just now been confirmed.

Confused here … installed 16.04 when it was released,. updated to the current state of 16.04.1 and never experienced this issue.

Or maybe I am :slight_smile:

From what I make of lah7 post, this was accidentally built in.

And I did not notice this bug until the point release.

Well, I am at the point release and it still does not happen. The only reason I could think of is that I am using the MATE 1.14.1 ppa. Maybe the change that triggered the bug was never carried over to that one.

I get the same behavior in 16.10 as I do in 16o4.