First time Linux user's first impressions on UbuntuMATE

Hello! my name is Aniket.A and this is my first time I am using Linux.
I was really tired of using Windows operating system for a long long time and finally decided to switch to Linux, but was very confused about which distribution to chose from, since there are so many Linux distributions on the internet.

The main reason I chose UbuntuMATE because, to me it was way more simple, easy to use Linux distribution, especially for a first time user like me who absolutely had no idea about Linux OS.
At first, I felt a little bit uncomfortable with the UbuntuMATE since this the first time I am actually running it on my laptop as the main OS, and being used to to click and install, instead of using terminal, but eventually as the time passed on, I prettey much got used to it in such a less time and I am thoroughly ENJOYING IT!.

It also packs a lot of features which makes it unique and provides a lot of functionality. My system is now performing significantly better with the exceptions of all those time consuming, tedious driver installations.
I downloaded the Nvidia Graphics Driver without any issues or problems. Thank you UbuntuMATE Developers for creating such a wonderful and powerful operation system which is accessible to anyone around the globe.

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Welcome to the community Aniket!



Hi Aniket,

Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Have you been to our tutorial forum? Lots of good information there. Check it out.

Ubuntu beginners guide, complete how to install and run first update


Welcome, also a newbie linux user here. :slight_smile:


Actually, installing software by using a terminal or by using Synaptic, from a known repository is much easier and safer that going to unknown websites and hunting for the desired software, my friend.

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Greeting @Egghead and welcome to the forum!. :smiley:


Since you might not wish to use the Unity desktop environment, I wrote a guide about how to backport compiz; It’s super-easy to do, super-easy to undo if you screw it up somehow and gives you lots of little extras lacking in a vanilla install of Compiz 0.9 that use to be around before Canonical had to ditch GNOME 2 for Unity.

Be sure to also check out the MATE menu for your MATE panel(s). Customizing what everything in System and Places isn’t that difficult either, just a shame that unlike in Linux Mint there’s no right-click uninstall for programs and no button for a software manager either.

I was hoping in UM 16.04 Wimpy would just ape Linux Mint’s mintMenu completely but instead he gives us a slightly-gimped version of it. Oh well, everything is easy enough to do through synaptic and apt-get anyway; Check out how to install Synaptic some time, as I did a writeup on that too.

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There are a lot of distros out there and you couldn’t have done better than choosing Ubuntu MATE.

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I quit Windows a week ago, at first it was difficult to choose a distro but i feel like MATE is a really nice one. I tried a couple before quit Windows, and definitely i have no regrets. Also i like (a little too much)Yerba Mate, so it fits perfect hahaha (my friends make fun of me because i drink a lot of Yerba Mate, even before i switch to linux they refer to me as MATE boy). Also i really like the environment in the mate-community.

PD: English isn´t my mother language as you can see.


Hi Ritman, welcome to Mate.

A multi-lingual sub-forum is being discussed…here…

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