- Font Manager -



on App Grid or Synaptic you can find this useful software to handle the fonts:
Font Manager
Here are some screenshots:

You can preview the installed fonts and Browse Fonts

You can compare fonts and see them with custom color and background

You can try a custom text

and delete a user font (system fonts can be disabled)
For example, as I installed other fonts by Synaptic, programs such as Libreoffice or Gimp came out with a long list of fonts, most duplicated or useless.
Of the Noto fonts, I have kept only Noto Sans Regular Italic Old, Mono Noto, Noto Sans and some few others and I deleted all the variants of the idioms.

Click on the question mark for guide.

Ubuntu mate font setting problem


Thank you Mary for a very useful tip. I used this to clean up the too long list of fonts that were available in my LibreOffice. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the advice; I have already tried this software weeks before you posted. Unfortunately, this font manager does not run well on my computer, which is a 32-bit processor. I am asking the development teams at Ubuntu to seriously incorporate into the OS a native (built-in) font manager. I am not able to locate my installed fonts from the file cabinet, especially the ones in LibreOffice. I remember the days when LibreOffice font files were easy to locate and delete. It seems as if font management isn’t as easy in 2018. Thanks again.