GTK+ 3.20 recently landed?

GTK+ 3.20 must have landed in Yakkety a few days ago ... or is there another reason the borders and padding and so on are all gone? :wink:

I’m seeing it to. System wide, different themes yield different results. Guess lightdm and themes have some catching up to do.

Yikes! Yuck! :scream:

Ambiant-MATE is being ported here:

So, work in progress. I guess other GTK2 themes may be a problem though.

Yes, what I should have said is GTK+ 3.20 landed before the themes.

From Martin’s most recent email to patrons:

Now the good news! Over the coming days a new Ubuntu MATE artwork
package will land in the Ubuntu 16.10 archive that fully supports GTK
3.20. This has taken some 6 weeks of development effort, which this
Patreon funded :slight_smile:

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Just updated my VM. Looks much better now :grinning:

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Thanks for the heads up, going to do the same now :slight_smile:

First thing I noticed

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Not seeing an improvement in FireFox. No toolbar and checkboxes/other things still missing.

Good news is FF49 does not have these issues, so I guess I’ll stick with that.

I don’t think it’s all done and uploaded, but before I didn’t see any button outlines or field border or padding at all in the default theme.

As for Firefox, I think version 48 is the first version with any GTK 3.20 support, but a lot isn’t fixed until 49.

Yep, things are improving :slight_smile:

But FF49 is sightly out of focus.

If you on 16.10 mate-hud has been dropped. Testing revealed too many compatibility issues. So please apt remove mate-hud this should help Firefox and LibreOffice behave correctly. We’ll revisit mate-hud in 17.04.

Hud was removed on mine by an update on the 17th of this month.

I can’t change system fonts on mine with either Appearance or Dconf. Is that a work in progress?

Focus turned out to be virtualbox. Focus is fine in fullscreen mode.

FF48 now has the menubar in beta1 (I did a fresh install).