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I just installed ubuntu MATE 64bit to my old nettbook but I have encountered a problem with wallpaper,,every time I configure it it seem to be croped..

Here my nettbook spec
intel GMA3150 graphic hardwere
intel atom N445 1.66Ghz
vga display 1024x600(no lcd lid for netbook)

Hi @neko_zx,

right click the desktop > Change Desktop Background and click on "Style" for other display options!. :smiley:

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thanks for the help mate, I find span setting work best for me, with a picture sized 1500x1061 px...

I'm realy sorry about the pictures...I try my best to find other image but I can't found other image sized that big..:anguished:

oh btw where can I find theme that you are using and where do I learn about linux...

if anyone interested I got the wallpaper..

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Hi @neko_zx,

install Synaptic (if not already installed) and then type "wallpaper" in search and select all the wallpaper packages you want!.

To install it via a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t):

sudo apt-get install synaptic

The theme is "TraditionalOKtest": Control Centre > Look & Feel > Appearance > Theme:

See also:

thanks mate…

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Hi @neko_zx,

if this is now solved, please tick best answer so it helps others!. :thumbsup: