Hard drive not detected

I tried to install ubuntu mate on an old pc in order to revive it. The test mode works fine, but when I try to install it doesn’t find my hard drive (in GParted only my usb shows up). In windows my hard drive shows up, so he isn’t broken.

Any idea how I could solve this problem? Thanks for your time.

Hi @Aruna,

check in BIOS for a setting that might inhibit the install of a different OS, I can’t remember the exact terminology, it might say something like: “Detect other operating systems” or something along those lines. Does the PC have UEFI even though it is old?. :smiley:

I’m not sure what you mean by “test mode”. Do you mean the hard drive is accessible during the live session?

If it is, it’s likely that the installer cannot install to it without there being a partition to install to.

If you’re happy to wipe the entire system, consider using GParted (or Disks from the Accessories menu) to format the entire disk, then try to install. Or shrink the Windows XP partition with GParted so there is unallocated space for Ubuntu MATE to be installed.

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I found the problem, I’d selected a wrong booting device in the BIOS. It did take my usb to boot anyway, but for some reason my usb must’ve been seen as the only hard drive.
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:.

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