How can I test new translations for Welcome?

Hi @lah7,

can I be a pain and ask how we can test the changes to welcome on our home PC’s please, you had this feature when we were using Poedit/Bitbucket and it would be really; really great if we could also do it using Transifex because when typing on the online translator; it is difficult to see how the finished product looks and saves time for any further (un)necessary corrections!.

Is it possible to show a preview as we type in Welcome on Transifex?.

I know its a lot to ask but it would really make things soooooo much easier!. :smiley:

Thanks in advance if you can accommodate all the translators!. :smiley:

@wolfman Indeed it would be really useful to be able to test translations again. I went through ubuntu-mate-welcome in english (last version I had on the computer) and corrected quite a few (FR) translated items on transifex already.

My guess is, currently we would need a read access to where ubuntu-mate-welcome and translated files are stored…

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@wolfman and @Aluxandria: It's not possible to see a preview of the Welcome application on Transifex, but you can still test it locally like before.

Providing you have a copy/clone of the repository (a fork is not required), download the po files from Transflex like so:

  • Place them in its relevant sub-folder. E.g. data/po/chatroom/de.po

  • Then like previously, generate the HTML translations and run Welcome with that locale:

./edgar-allan translate-all
./ubuntu-mate-welcome --locale=de --jump-to=chatroom

The process needs to be repeated for each page you'd like to test. Hope it's not too inconvenient. :neutral_face:


Thanks for the reply. Fortunately I mostly need to be able to test a few pages.

Edit: It’s working for me. :slight_smile:


Excellent Luke, thanks for that!. :smiley:

Ok I got to the point of download for use, I’m guessing I will have to rename it like sl.po as right now is for_use_ubuntu-mate-welcome_hellolive_sl.po

But I have no idea how to do that? Or what to do next…

So you’ve got your new copy of a po file to test. You need the latest copy of the repository too.

Extract the zip and overwrite the new po files. Then, open a terminal to the ubuntu-mate-welcome-* directory, and execute those commands.

./edgar-allan translate-all
./ubuntu-mate-welcome --locale=sl

So I have to overwrite the one that I downloaded before (for_use_ubuntu-mate-welcome_hellolive_sl.po)?[quote=“lah7, post:7, topic:5060”]
ubuntu-mate-welcome-* directory
I’m not that good with the terminal, where can I find where this is or how to make path to it?

  1. Download a copy of the repository:
  2. Right-click the archive in the file manager and “extract here”
  3. Enter the folder, it’s named along the lines of ubuntu-mate-welcome-xxxxxxxx.
  4. Enter the folder datapo and/or just po and overwrite those files with the ones you just downloaded. The po files on Transifex are the latest translations for that locale.
  5. Go back to the original ubuntu-mate-welcome-xxxx directory.
  6. Right click an empty area and click “Open in Terminal”
  7. Copy and paste those commands.
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Sorry for so many questions… I got to the empty area in Caja folder and Open terminal ~/ubuntu-mate-ubuntu-mate-welcome-c2e1a1e71128/po$ ./edgar-allan translate-all bash: ./edgar-allan: File or directory with this name doesn't exist :confused:

I’m still doing something wrong :thinking:

You’re in the wrong directory there. Go up one by typing:

cd ..

You can type ls to view the files in the directory. I have updated the previous post.

It’s working :raised_hands: Thanks a lot for all your help Luke! :thumbsup:

I still have a lot to learn …

Just one more question, is there a way to get the start of the program or can I also do that during live session as there is a lot of stuff/text to check there too.

I did find it easier to download and check stuff in Pluma, rather then Transifex, as I sported a lot of spaces in the end and few other small mistakes.

Yep! You can check those pages by adding parameters to the end of ./ubuntu-mate-welcome:


Followed by the name of the page as seen on Transflex. For example:


Welcome is very adaptive, so use --help if you need other parameters to test Welcome in different scenarios. Like the main menu changes in a live session:


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