How change time from 24 to 12? ubuntu MATE 18


Installed ubuntu MATE 18 and it’s awesome, but ubuntu and MATE18 both being new to me, I cannot locate where to change time from 24 format to 12 hour format. I found where to adjust date and time but don’t see 24 to 12 option.

(MATE18 runs better on my HP Pavilion than standard ubuntu18 which doesn’t allow cutNpaste nor word correction with touch pad lower right corner tap.)

If you mean for the clock on the panel, right click it and choose Preferences, and it's there under Clock Format.


Sweet; ight click, of course, when in doubt, right click! Thank you!!

I can't set the 12 hour clock feature, this all that appears, any solution?

Same problem here, I install ubuntu mate but in Spanish, and in the clock preferences not showing the 12hrs/24hrs option.

@Francisco_Nunez and @emartinez: That's not good if the option isn't in settings.

I can suggest getting to the settings in a different manner using dconf-editor which is not installed by default. Here is what the dconf-editor setting looks like:

Does the key shown above named "format" exist? Maybe it is missing. When clicked, the setting of the key looks like this:

There's also a commandline way using a gsettings command I haven't tested. Maybe someone else has that.

So do I erase the key? or what should I do?

Please see this post - How to Customize Panel Date Time display at Ubuntu Mate?

Ok, but now i put this custom value although I put %p so it could show p.m. or a.m. in the clock applet it somehow doesn't show that, any thoughts?

%p should work. Keep at it until it pleases you. Good luck Francisco_Nunez.

Edit: Here is what I have in dconf editor.

Perhaps this will help.

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