How do you assign color profiles?

I am trying to assign a color profile to be able to do proper photo editing but unable to find in any menu the proper place to assign a calibrated profile.

I found a thread which directs you to an older tutorial that states color profiles should be in:
System -> Preferences -> Color Profiles and says to use gnome-color-manager (which I did, but only seems to allow for viewing installed color profiles available, which can be used in programs such as Gimp)

Current Ubuntu Documentation shows color profiles are assigned here:
System Settings ▸ Color

Nowhere can I find how to assign system wide color profiles for my monitor. Is there a menu I am not finding or is there something different in UbuntuMate as opposed to stock Ubuntu in this regard? Can any one point me to where I should be able to change my color profile for the system?

Have you found a solution to your problem? I have started a similar thread here, didn’t notice that you posted this before. Perhaps a color tag could help? @lah7

I used DisplayCAL for my monitor calibration and installed my color profile from there. It popped an error\warning having to do with colord and making an adjustment to Colors in Settings (which isn’t in Ubuntu MATE) , but seemed to install it (I could see the difference and photos look fine and print as I expect). I do have to reinstall the profile if I make any changes to my Nvidia graphics settings though.

EDIT: I may have added the colord package, can’t remember, so I am not sure if that’s needed.

Thanks for mentioning DisplayCAL. @d11
Did you create a color profile with a hardware device or install a suitable, pre-configured .icc file through DisplayCAL? I have just installed DisplayCAL through AppGrid and upon start-up it was mentioned that an update is available. Do you know how I can update it?

Unfortunately, there is no update possibility in the program itself and the website points to two different installation options, both which I am not familiar with: DisplayCAL standalone .deb package and DisplayCAL via Zero Install. I am not sure how to proceed and get it installed. Not sure what to make of the provided installation instructions.

I used a Spyder2express to generate my profile, but I think you can point DisplayCAL to install a preconfigured one.

I’m not sure about the update. I installed from the repos and was just waiting for an update to make its way there. Maybe there’s a ppa with the most current one? (I get the timeout issues mentioned in the update notice but like I said it does actually install my profile.)

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I installed a preconfigured .icm file with DisplayCAL by clicking on Options > Install display device profile ...
It seems to have worked, but I got this message. Not sure what it means.

Is there a particular reason why Ubuntu MATE does not have any in-built color management? @lah7