How do you start mate on a chromebook

Please help I am stuck. Thanks.

In order to help we need to know what kind of Chromebook (make and model number), RAM, and memory, and if it is ARM processor. You can’t install Ubuntu Mate based on AMD X86 architecture into a device with an ARM chip. There is an ARM version of Mate for the Raspberry Pi which is ARM and I think they have a few other ARM versions. From there hopefully someone else can provide additional support if needed. Good luck. :+1:t3:

I have an hp chromebook with 4gigs of ram of 64 gigs of storage purchased 2021 and it is intel based processor. Thanks for the reply.

You will need to flash a copy of the correct version of Ubuntu Mate (best if 21.10 with newer kernel) on a USB thumb drive. You need the newer kernel to hopefully ensure the specifics of your hardware are on the kernel itself. If you have 20.04 LTS, it’s possible your hardware information is not on that older kernel and then the existing kernel will not know how to communicate with some or all of your newer hardware. These are only possibilities. It may work fine because this newer Cheomebook is using an old processor and old hardware.

You will need to figure out on your specific model Chromebook how to access the BIOS. You can try looking that up on Google. Then take that flashed USB thumb drive and insert it onto the USB access port while the Chromebook is OFF. Start the Chromebook and use whatever set of keys to access the BIOS (F12, Eacape Key, F2 for example). and make sure the boot order allows you to boot first from the USB. It will give you some sort of menu to save new options and exit. Usually when you do that, the device will shutdown and restart automatically and seek the USB thumb drive now to boot from.

If everything works, you will be prompted by the Ubuntu Menu to boot the live USB. From there you will be greeted with a welcome screen and you will see options to install Ubuntu Mate. Test it out first in the Live USB to make sure you WiFi and other peripherals work. If so, then use the install option.

From there, Ubuntu Mate should install into the main storage device. Follow the directions on the installation prompts and it should work.

Hope this helps. No sure what specific information you need. :v:t3:

Found this and maybe it will help.

How Do I Get To The BIOS On A Chromebook?