How does the translation update process work for Ubuntu MATE Welcome?

Hello guys,

I am currently working at the german translation for the Ubuntu MATE Welcome application.
Although I completed (finishing the great work of @Atreju , @wolfman and many others) the translations yesterday I am still at scanning through all of it a second time in order to find additional grammar failures and other minor errors. German is my native tongue but their might still be some minor grammar errors or misspellings.

The reason I started this Topic is because I dont exactly know how the update process in to Ubuntu MATE works and wanted to inform (hopefully) the right people to eventually get it in to the distro.

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Hi loop28

I moved you to a better location and @lah7 or @wolfman will probably be along :slight_smile:

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Hi @anon42388993,

I already replied to him here:

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Hello. Thank you for contributing German translations! :slight_smile:

The update process of translations is simple with Transifex. Translators make translations, developers (like myself, and @Wimpy) will pull them in near the next Welcome release behind the scenes.

When there’s new/changed strings, we will push them to Transifex (not straight away) and contributors part of that team are notified by e-mail.

I’ve renamed the title of the topic so others know what we’re talking about. :thumbsup:


Hi @loop28

Thanks for your intention to help translate in german. :smiley: By the way: thanks for compliments at my side, but I had translate nothing for Welcome application, so I have to give back the compliment. :innocent:
I wanted to help translate, but had same case as @h2f has had with transflex:

But German is my native tangue as well, so I’m helping @wolfman by translate the Installation-Wiki:

You are warmly invited to help us, if you like.

Best regards


Hi @Atreju,

feel free to add anything you can think of that will be useful in the German installation guide as I’m not actually working on it at the moment!. :smiley: :thumbsup: