How To Activate Ubuntu Login Sound



Hi SantaFe,

I assume you need to paste the Windows file into the following folder?:



WOOAAAAA so many thanks !!! I was looking for it without even know that it was already under my hood !!! :grin:


Didn’t work for me, I wonder if it does for anyone. At least, I got my login sound working.


Hi @Liam_Gutierrez,

you state it didn’t work but at least you got it working?, did it work for you?. :confused:


Sorry for the confusion, I’m referring to the post about the logout/shutdown sound script . The login sound works niclely. Wish you a nice weekend :grin:


This works on 17.04 as well. Thanks Wolfman :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!


Thank you Mr Wolfman, it just didn’t feel right without it.


Looking at the command field, and the same command in Pluma in your screenshots, you don’t have any space between the utility ‘paplay’ and the pointer to the file the utility is to execute ’ …/desktop-login.ogg’. If you ensure that there is a space between ‘paplay’ and the pointer to the ogg file, then the command is correct. That may be the issue, rather than sound configurations.