How to customize lock screen Time/Date format?


I would ask about customizing the whole lock screen (background, theme, layout, etc) but I’ve seen that there are problems with this and at this moment it just can’t be done in the way one would expect. It even has security risks, so let’s leave that alone for now.

What I’m gonna ask about instead is customizing the date/time format. I believe this can be customized, right? I would be interested in changing the font, time format and date format, but what I really want is to get rid of the seconds in the lock screen time. I don’t like these at all.

I don’t remember if when I first installed Ubuntu Mate the clock in the panel had seconds or not, but I quickly found they can be easily removed from the applet preferences by a check-box and my current panel clock doesn’t have secs.

I would like this sort of option to be available for the lock screen clock, but even if it isn’t, I’m willing to do it even the manual way because I really don’t like seconds in digital clocks (unless they are timers). So how do I go about doing this? I’m on Ubuntu Mate 16.04. Thanks

btw, I just discovered external links show you how many times you’ve clicked on them. That’s another feature I’d never seen before
btw2, how do you save drafts when creating topics? As I’m writing this I see “saved” below. Does it mean this post goes to some soft of drafts folder or something like that if I don’t finnish it? if so, where do I find it. Thanks

Hi @Staynluss,

right click the clock on the panel > Clock Preferences and make your changes there:

I am not sure about saving drafts but you can "Flag" a post if you click on the flag symbol which will show in your user preferences lists, click on "Show More" then the flag symbol!!. :smiley:

Hi @wolfman thanks for the info and screenshots, but I’m actually asking about the lock screen clock. (I realize my op wasn’t clear enough and I have edited it to be more specific) This is precisely the type of setting I’m trying to find for the lock screen clock though I think it can only be done via manual file creating/editing, isn’t it?
Edit: If you mean changing the clock format on the panel should also change the lock screen clock format, well, it doesn’t work for me.

As for the drafts, do you mean actually flagging my own replies? that sounds interesting, but doesn’t it have bad consequences for my account? :jack_o_lantern: Anyway, you can only flag a message after it has been posted. Not the same as drafts, more like a way of bookmarking.

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That is the only way I know, I don’t know how to save a draft copy apart from copying & pasting the text into a text editor and saving it for later use.

As far as the clock goes, I think that LDM will only show hours and minutes along with the date, sorry but I don’t know how to configure it by editing a config file!. :frowning: