How to fix "Software index is broken"?

I don't know what i did wrong or what went wrong but i keep seeing this error messages

kindly help me fix it..

Fairly straight forward.
In Software Boutique click on the end "tick" icon labelled Fixes
Scroll down to Broken Packages
Click on Resolve Broken Packages

sorry sir, i forgot to mention, i can't even lunch software boutique, welcome & software updater.

Look through this topic where the issue has been dealt with before.

I changed my post to provide a link for you to look at.

sir, is there any way to resolve broken packages using terminal?

On my 21.04 showing terminal commands:
Download and install broken dependancies
sudo apt --fix-broken install

In the link to the topic I proved the last couple of posts suggests in terminal:
software-boutique in the command line worked

did you try entering software-boutique in terminal?

maybe you need to reinstall software boutique?
this reference should help.

`sudo snap install software-boutique --classic` should work

Type that in your terminal to see how to use the command.

I think it should be snap refresh software-boutique which will then ask you to provide your password authentication

mack87dash@mack87dash-Satellite-Pro-L300:~$ snap refresh software-boutique
snap "software-boutique" has no updates available

I'm done I'm afraid. Did you say that software boutique won't launch at all? Have you tried a reboot?

I have rebooted twice already...
sir, what else can be done?
is there any way to uninstall software boutique?


The full post on ask ubuntu: