How to install latest Mate DE 1.14 on Ubuntu Mate 16.04?

I wish to install the latest stable release of MATE i.e. version 1.14 in Ubuntu Mate 16.04 which has Mate version of !.12.1. Please guide. Thanks.

As far as I know there are no debs in the official repositories. So if you really want to install 1.14 you have to compile by hand. This is not difficult but if you have never done that before, I would not recommend this.

Maybe @wimpy can answer when the 1.14 will be available, as far as I know the packages have not been submitted upstream, yet.

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The new answer is: In a few weeks!

See here:

There's been a few topics asking about MATE 1.14 for 16.04, so we'll keep track of this in one place.