How to rearrange Favorites in advanced menu via drag and drop? Mate 16.10

In Ubuntu Mate 16.04.1 it was possible to rearrange the Favorites via drag and drop inside the advanced menu, which was very useful for me.

In 16.10 I can drag the Favorites, but they won’t change location. Is this a bug or is this functionality not available anymore since mate desktop 1.16?

Thank you for any information!

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@Wimpy looks like a GTK+3 issue? I didn’t check this in 16.10 yet, but I can confirm this in Debian Testing. Items can be dragged around, but dropping them doesn’t change anything.

Thank you for letting me know that. I have meanwhile checked it on three different machines and can confirm that it happens on each of them, so it does not seem to be related to a specific machine. Exactly as you described it, monsta.

Ah… I missed the fact that it was already reported (and Martin is aware of it):

ah ok, I had checked too before posting, but missed that. Thanks for letting me know! My question is therefore solved :slight_smile:

I recently had a look at Linux Mint Mate 18.1, that uses the Mate Desktop 1.16.1.

Rearranging Favorites is working there, in Ubuntu Mate 16.10 it is still not working. Seems Mate 1.16.1 fixed this.

Is it possible to get this fix into Ubuntu Mate 16.10 as well?

@Alyana, I haven’t tried this in Ubuntu Mate yet because I am still using 16.04 in it and the drag-and-drop works, but I have been playing with Arch Linux and the GTK3 version of the Mate desktop, which has the same problem rearranging the Favorites on the Advanced Menu. My workaround was to add all the Favorites, then edit the file .config/mate-menu/applications.list in Pluma and rearrange the Favorites the way I wanted them, then reboot without using the Advanced Menu, and my changes were retained.

It’s not a fix, but it’s a workaround if you want the Favorites arranged the way you like them until a fix is released. If that file path isn’t the same in Ubuntu Mate, there is probably one similar.

MATE 1.16 can be built with GTK+2 or GTK+3. Mint has GTK+2 build, which doesn’t have this issue. The issue only happens with GTK+3 port of mintMenu or mate-menu (which is a fork of mintMenu).

Old topic, I know :slight_smile:

But I have recently tried Ubuntu Mate 20.04, and rearrangement of the favorites via drag and drop still isn't working. I tried with Mint Mate 19.3, and it's working fine.

I can do that list rearrangement of course, but that is not for beginners. There are some people who I want to recommend this system to, but they are beginners and the drag and drop rearrangement would be a lot better for them.

Any idea or info about this?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi @Alyana,

this seems to be a new regression, because it works fine in 18.04. I can confirm manual rearrangement does not work in "Favourites" in 20.04. May it be related to Python2 -> Python3 transition? :thinking:


Hi @ironfoot,

thank you for the reply. Good to know it's not only me who faces this issue :smile:

How to go from here? Maybe informing the developer team?

I filed a new bug in launchpad against mate-menu. Please, vote for it as affecting you too.