HP Split 13x2 (Laptop) and Ubuntu Mate

There are a few things not working… I was wondering if anyone had any fixes.

  1. Battery
    The battery icon doesn’t show.
    The battery never charges.
    …This laptop has 2 batteries acting as one, which may be throwing it off.

  2. Beats Audio
    The laptop has a small “sound strip” below the monitor. The output is to low.
    I’ve tried turning everything all the way up, and tried installing alsa. Neither was able to turn the level up to a normal level.

  3. On-Screen Keyboard
    The monitor detaches from the base to become a tablet. When clicking into a field to fill out, no keyboard comes up.

  4. Wireless (solved-ish)
    I had to add acer-wmi to a blacklist to get the wireless working - however, it only shows the 2.4 Ghz channel and not the 5 Ghz channel. This may be related to the wireless hardware, but it would be nice to see both if possible.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Can you confirm if the battery charges woth stock Ubuntu by downloading the Ubuntu 15.04 image and running a live session? Does the battery indicator appear, does it charge? Without access to a computer with two batteries I need your help in tracking down where to start looking.

But I think the issue above, and the others, are most likely because your hardware is not completely supported by Linux.

Hi Wimpy, thank you for responding…

I’m specifically working on the missing battery issue now.

I’ve tried the live sessions with Lubuntu, Ubuntu and Ubuntu Mate - versions 15.04 and 14.04. None work, all show “battery absent” in dmesg.

There are several posts I’ve found but none seem to help either… One method I’ve not tried is recompilling the kernel, but I’d prefer not to do that…my feeling is that there’s something I can install (ACPI), or a setting I can change…

Does anyone have any ideas on how to recognize the battery, for any version / any release?

Does anyone have Ubuntu Mate installed on a laptop where the battery is recognized?

I have numerous single battery laptops, they all work as expected.